Marina Funtana

Sailing in: The orientation point is the Funtana settlement, with the belfry on a hill above the coast line and a green post (port light) at the head of the breakwater.

Warning: On the north side of the Funtana bay, there are shallow waters called Janjci, the northern edge of which is marked with a black post with two red belts and two black balls on top of it. On the southern entering promontory, between the islet of Veli Školj and the coast, there are the Funtana shallows, marked by a post of yellow-red colour with two black cones with tops turned upwards. In the bay, about 200 m west from the pier, there are rocks and reefs. The safest way to sail in is from the west side; watch for the Janjci shallows.

Climate is Mediterranean with mild winters and long warm summers. In the spring, the average temperature is 12,5 ° C, in the summer 23,4°C, in the autumn 15,6° C, and in the winter 5,5° C. The west coast of Istria has about 2 000 sunny hours a year on the average. Basic winds are bura, jugo and maestral . Bura mainly blows in the winter from the continent to the sea and it brings colder weather, jugo blows from the sea to the continent and it brings cloudy weather and rain, while maestral, which blows from the sea in the summer, brings nice refreshment.